Biodose/Monitored Dosage System

What is it?

Poor drug compliance is a problem in all areas of medicine but never more so than in the elderly or when there are multiple medications to take. Medication noncompliance contributes significantly to the recurrence of symptoms and readmission to the hospital of patients. Not taking medicines as prescribed has consequences not only for the individual in terms of therapeutic failure, but also for the wider society.

With the implementation of the Biodose system all these concerns will become a thing of the past. Not only will the medication be taken at the required time of the day and in the correct manner but the adherence to your medicines will be consistent. All you need to know is today’s date and time. Then you simply select the pod from your Biodose tray. It is really that simple.

At Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, we are pleased to offer this service free to our patients.

Click here to see a short film outlining the Biodose system.

How does it work?

Biodose uses a patented sealed tray and pod system to effectively hold a combination of drugs that includes tablets and capsules. The system is unique as it is entirely managed and sealed by the pharmacist using a tamper-evident sealing system. Each individual medicine pod is then used by the patient to take their medication, therefore removing the need for additional reminders and fiddling around trying to get the drug out of the package. As the pod system is easy to use, patients that have difficulty with taking their medicines out of the package will find the Biodose system of great benefit.

All you have to do is to come into Kavanagh’s Pharmacy in Dunshaughlin or Ratoath with your prescription as usual. We will have a conversation with you about when is the best time for you to take your medicines. After that, we will put the correct medicines into separate Biodose pods. We then label them according to dosage instructions and they are flat-packed ready for you to take away.

What are the advantages?


Biodose stores all your medications in individual carefully portioned pods, containing the quantity and combination of medicines prescribed for each day of the week. Just collect your own personalised Biodose tray from us and enjoy the convenience of a unique visual prescription.


Biodose is supplied and labelled by your Pharmacist. No more removing your own medicines from blister packs into dispensers or pill boxes. Let our Pharmacists do that for you and enjoy having one less thing to worry about.


Just pop one or more medication pods out of the Biodose tray to drop into your bag or the kids’ school bag, to take to the gym, on a business trip, to work or on holiday. Pre-measured and 100% secure, with no risk of under- or overdosing, each pod can be slipped straight into a bag, briefcase or desk drawer, putting your tablets or medicines within arm’s reach when you need them. We also provide a HandiPak that allows you to bring your medicines with you if you are away for a few days.


Each tamper-evident pod is personalised with the patient’s name and easy-to-read dosage instructions for each medication.

Biodose trays are clearly colour-coded, leaving you in no doubt about which medicine or tablet should be taken at which time and on which day.


We offer this service at no extra cost to all of our customers. We do all the work and you get the benefit.

Biodose - Infection Control

Biodose will be delivered in single pre-sealed tamper evident pods. Therefore the pods will only be handled once when the medication is taken and thus removes the possibility of patient to patient or carer to patient transfer of bacteria. Biodose also incorporates BioCote, a revolutionary technology that reduces bacteria by up to 99.9% on the surface of the products. Therefore the product itself will reduce the potential of becoming a source for cross-infection. This will also prevent MRSA and C.DIFF as well as other bacteriological threats.