Drug Payment Scheme

What is it?

If you do not qualify for a Medical Card, ask us about the Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS). Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, an individual or family in Ireland only has to pay up to €132 each month (subject to revision) for approved prescribed drugs, medicines and certain appliances for use by that person or their family in that month.  In order to qualify for this scheme, you must be ordinarily resident in Ireland and have a PPS number. The scheme covers the individual who applied, their spouse/partner and children under 18 years or under 23 if in full-time education. The process involves completion of an application form which can be collected from Kavanagh’s Pharmacies or can be downloaded here. DPS Cards are issued for a limited time (generally 5 years). When your card expires, you must apply again to obtain a new card.


How does it work?

When you register for the scheme, your Drug Payment Scheme Office will issue a plastic card for each person named on the registration form. You should present this card whenever you are having prescriptions filled. You do not have to register with a particular pharmacy for the scheme but for convenience it is advisable to use the same pharmacy in a particular month if you wish to avoid paying more than the maximum €132. At Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, we can keep your prescription on file so that you can call into us and get your medicines at your convenience.


Is there a cost?

From 1st January 2012, you will not pay more than €132 for all your prescribed approved medication each calendar month. This maximum amount is subject to review by the Government from time to time.

For more information on the DPS Scheme, please visit www.drugspayment.ie.