Prescription Services

At Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, the Pharmacist supervises the compounding and dispensing of prescriptions, the supply of medicines and the sale of poisons. Their professional expertise is vital in ensuring that patients’ needs are met with safe and effective treatments.

However, while dispensing medicines is an integral part of the process, our team are also equipped to help our patients manage their health and medicines and are always on hand to help patients with any health queries they have. We offer services to help manage medication and ensure patients are receiving the most appropriate care for their condition, all without an appointment. To facilitate access, there is free car parking close to the Pharmacy.

Information on Medicines

Our team at Kavanagh’s Pharmacies can assist you with your health concerns quickly. We can offer you information about your treatments, explanations on medication interactions and much more. We will also guide you to other health professionals or community services, if needed.

Disease and Chronic Illness Management

Our highly trained team are also able to support you through longer term health issues such as diabetes and asthma. At Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, we can also perform Medicine Usage Reviews (MURs). MURs help you to find out more about the medicines you are taking, pick up any problems you are having with your medicines and improve the effectiveness of your medicines. After the consultation, you may find there are easier ways to take your medicines or you may find that you need fewer medicines than before.

Health Screening

Our Pharmacists can provide basic health ‘check-ups’ in the pharmacy. During these consultations they can run several tests including your blood pressure. This useful service can provide you with insight into your health, and might highlight levels of risk that you can follow up with your GP. Why not drop in and ask our Pharmacists to read your blood pressure and help put your mind at ease.

Emergency Contraception

Anyone can make a mistake with contraception, and no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. If you think you need emergency contraception, it’s important to act quickly.

Emergency Contraception is available from Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, without prescription or appointment. Emergency contraception (sometimes described as the morning after pill) can be effective up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. Our specially trained Pharmacists can deliver the service discreetly in a private consultation area, providing you with all the advice you will need. If the pharmacist feels the service is not suitable for you, or that you need more advice on contraception or sexual health issues, he or she may advise you to see your doctor or visit your local family planning clinic.

Generic Medicines

There are instant savings available to you on commonly used medications, both on and off prescription. These are called generics. They are the equivalent of an original brand, have the same active ingredient and effect and meet the same stringent safety and quality standards as branded medicines. The only difference is the significant savings versus a branded medicine.

The next time you need some medication, talk to our team about generic alternatives or read more here.

Prescription Ordering Service:

Avoid delays by pre-ordering your prescription 24hours in advance. You can contact the dispensary at 01-8259801 (Dunshaughlin) or 01-6896300 (Ratoath) with your name, address and the items you require. Your medicines will then be ready to collect for a time that is convenient to you.

We must hold a valid prescription for you on file in order to avail of the service.

Food intolerance testing

Food intolerances are common, affecting some 20-40% of us. Symptoms may develop quickly as in irritable bowel syndrome or only show when a threshold is reached. They may also linger and cause extended discomfort. Symptoms can be numerous and include bloating, dry eyes, joint pain, migraines, frequent sinus problems and yo-yo weight gain.

At Kavanagh’s Pharmacies, we employ the use of the Fitzwilliam Clinic’s Food Intolerance Test as part of an holistic approach to gather information on an individual’s specific condition. In conjunction with the patient, our Pharmacists will identify the most appropriate test for you. Our Pharmacists will also provide personal professional advice in relation to your results and how to incorporate the findings with your daily life.


Taking several different medicines needs lots of extra care. Our Biodose system makes it simple and easy to take the right medicines at the right time by dividing your tablets into separately sectioned, easy to carry pods. It is the world’s first total medication management system. Each pod is marked with the time of day when the tablets should be taken, ensuring you take your medicines at the right time of the day. We do all the work so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is bring your prescription to us as usual. You can ask our Pharmacists about the benefits of the system for you and your carer the next time you drop by.  It’s simple, convenient, and it works.