Useful Links

Below are some useful links that we think you may be interested in. If you have come across any websites or support groups that you find useful, Kavanagh’s Pharmacy team would love to hear from you. Drop in to either of our Pharmacies and let us know.

General Information on Your Medicines:

For information on your medicines, including useful patient information leaflets (PIL) click on to the website below:


The Asthma Society has an excellent resource on the website below. There are many video demonstrations for all types of inhalers and some tips and tricks for coping with the disease.

Healthy Heart

The Irish Hear Federation also has an excellent resource online that provides information about heart attacks and generally keeping your heart healthy. They also have advice on dietary habits and information on how to lose weight and reduce cholesterol. There is also a dedicated website for information on stroke. Simply click on the links below to direct you to the sites.


During the summer months, hayfever can cause havoc with our daily lives. Be prepared and log onto the website below for a pollen count for the day. You can also talk to one of the Kavanagh’s Pharmacy team for advice on how to minimise the effects of pollen.


For information on diabetes and to access support groups, use the link below. There is lots of useful lifestyle tips and also access to recent research on the topic of diabetes.


For information about arthritis and a place where you can find local contacts, use the site below. There is also information on coping with arthritis for all age groups and conditions.

Nutrition and Dietetics

For information about what you eat and how it can influence certain conditions, click on the website below. There is some great information presented as Fact Sheets. You can find them on if you click on the link on the left side of the website below.